Ejektoinzenjering d.o.o

  • Company for the production and sale of ejectors - injectors

  • Smaller size for more power

Ejektoinzenjering area of work

Production of all purpose ejectors from different materials; Installing ejectors in plants and putting them in operation; Making construction technical documentation for processing equipment; Making initial and main projects of processing installations and other industrial systems.

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Ejectors are widely applied in many fields. In the last few years several patents have been registered in the world and this country (our patents) that give new original solutions simplifying existing technological procedures.
  • Depending on the type of driving fluid aerators are divided into: ejector hydro aerators ejector gas aerators In many technical fields (chemical, processing and food industry, mining and waterpower engineering) dirty and polluted water, containing undiluted solids of different origin and size, is removed from the production process. Waste water is most often a solution […]

    Datum: 2/11/2015
  • From underground water in ejector installations. Distilled water is obtained by destillation (heating by boiling, evaporation and condensation) from surface, water main or well water. There are no dissolved minerals or other admixtures in distilled water so as the chemically and mechanically purest water it is used in the food, pharmaceutical and many other chemical […]

    Datum: 2/11/2015
  • Ejectors are widely applied in processes of gas and liquid mixing, in the field of chemical technology and many other technical branches. All ejector mixing of gas and liquid can be divided into two groups. The first group: includes ejectors that require pumping in as large amounts of gas per unit liquid flow as possible, […]

    Datum: 2/11/2015
  • Hydrogenization is one of the most applied procedures in organic synthesis and in industrial applications it is the most used reaction. The hydrogen molecule can enter the reaction faster with more functional groups from any other molecule. Hydrogenization compared to alternative methods for reduction is the most economic. When viewing general trends in hydrogenization technology […]

    Datum: 2/11/2015